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Executive FMO Featured in 'Marketing Masterminds' Webinar on How to Close Warm Transfers

Interested in Medicare warm transfers but having trouble closing the sale? Executive FMO is proud to share that its leadership is co-leading a panel entitled, "Marketing Masterminds: Closing Live Leads Transfer to Power your AEP." This AEP kick-off event will cover industry leading tips and best practices to prepare agents for mastering warm transfers during AEP including:

  • Strategies for closing live lead transfers

  • Assessing lifetime value

  • Managing teams to ensure all members work at 'top of license'

  • Managing concurrency caps

  • Medicare Part A and B updates for plan year 2024

  • Contracting and certification changes

  • Verifying and managing TCPA compliance

  • Scenarios that do not require a 48-hour scope of appointment

LeadStar Marketplace is an innovative lead generation platform for agents and agencies, offering exclusive, on-demand warm transfers. There is no concurrence cap and all leads are TCPA- and CMS-compliant.

Are you interested in diversifying your lead sources for AEP? Executive FMO provides access to LeadStar Marketplace and lead generation campaigns to drive your success. Our industry-leading training platforms and sales coaching can help lead your team to new milestones. Contact us to learn more.


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