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Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement plans, also called Medigap, cover the gaps of Original Medicare and offer comprehensive, nationwide coverage to beneficiaries.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement, also called Medigap, plans cover the gaps of Original Medicare, providing beneficiaries with predictable, easy-to-use, nationwide coverage anywhere that Medicare is accepted.

What are Medicare Supplement plans?

Medicare Supplement plans (more commonly known as Medigap plan) cover expenses and costs not covered by original Medicare Parts A and B such as deductibles and co-insurance. Medigap plans can help minimize your out-of-pocket costs for healthcare services. These plans differ from Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans. Our agents are available to assist you with finding the right plan to meet your needs.

How do Medicare Supplement plans work?

​There are several advantages of Medicare Supplement plans including: 

  • No payment for coinsurance, deductibles and copayments

  • No referrals needed for specialists

  • Automatic claims filing

Medigap plans may cover your coinsurance or copayment costs for Part B medical services and medical supplies such as:​

  • Physician Visits

  • Outpatient Procedures

  • Durable Medical Equipment

  • Lab Work

Why should I sell Medicare Supplement plans?

There are several important benefits to offering Medicare Supplement plans to your clients:

  • Ease of Entry: Medicare Supplements, or Medigap, require no complex certification, allowing year-round client enrollment without strict enrollment periods.

  • Profit Potential: These plans offer high first-year commission rates and annual residuals, with the possibility of long-term income due to plan durations exceeding 8 years.

  • Expanding Market: Targeting the rapidly growing senior population (65+), Medigap plans complement Original Medicare, addressing a critical need in a vast market.

  • Comprehensive Solutions: Medicare Supplement plans offer simplicity to your clients. With predictable costs and stable monthly premiums, you can offer peace of mind when your clients need it most.

How do I get contracted?

We contract with leading national carriers as well as regional and local plans.

Through our extensive nationwide network, you can ensure you receive transparent, top level contracts that grow with you.

Contact us today to get started!

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