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Final Expense

Final Expense plans cover a range of arrangements, medical, financial and legal expenses such as funeral arrangements.

Final Expense Plans

Final Expense plans, also called burial or funeral insurance, provides clients with peace of mind knowing that their arrangements are covered reducing financial burdens to their loved ones.

For insurance agents, offering final expense plans allows you to diversify your portfolio to capture a growing market.

What are Final Expense Plans?

Final Expense plans are a form of life insurance that cover the costs associated with the policyholder's final expenses such as funeral and burial as well as medical bills associated with end-of-life costs. Generally, final expense policies are a whole life insurance policy that is more accessible to a wide range of household incomes.

Generally, final expense policies do not require a medical exam allowing for a wider range of eligible clients.

Why should I offer Final Expense plans?

By offering Final Expense plans, you can capture a growing market demand that is accessible to a wide range of beneficiaries. With limited medical requirements and a wide range of face values, many households can afford a final expense plan.

How do I get contracted?

We contract with leading national carriers as well as regional and local plans.

Through our extensive nationwide network, you can ensure you receive transparent, top level contracts that grow with you.

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