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Executive FMO Named 'Top FMO' by Redbird Advisors

In the dynamic and rapidly changing Medicare insurance landscape, few companies distinguish themselves through exceptional service and unwavering commitment. Executive FMO is proud to share that we have been named in a 'Top FMO' list by Redbird Advisors.

In his review, Drew Gurley, co-founder of Redbird Advisors, highlights several important criteria when selecting an FMO including diverse and top contracts, quoting and enrollment tools, marketing support, leads and training.

As Drew notes in his article, it is important to partner with an FMO that promotes "transparency and pathways for growth." Executive FMO is founded on guiding principles including transparency and innovation.

We understand the challenges that many agents and agencies face in the industry. We have seen firsthand how the lack of transparency, support and strategic planning can hold companies back from achieving their full potential. That's why at Executive FMO, we're committed to transparency and innovation. As the transparent FMO, we believe in partnering with you to fully understand your contract, funds flow and how to prepare you for long-term growth or acquisition.

As a leading national FMO, we provide the comprehensive back-office support you desire and the advanced technology you require. With Executive FMO, being your own boss doesn't mean working alone. We pride ourselves on developing customized solutions through our paths to partnership.

Read the original article on here.

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