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Lead Solutions

We understand the importance of having high-quality, on-demand leads to meet your growing agency needs. We offer a wide range of customizable solutions from on-demand warm transfers and data leads from LeadStar Marketplace to comprehensive marketing campaigns to self-generate your own leads. As industry changes have accelerated, it is critical for agencies to generate cost-effective, compliant leads quickly and efficiently. That is where Executive FMO comes in. We offer customized solutions that meet your needs and allow you to focus on growing your business. Our digital advertising and marketing services are tailored to help you generate leads and control your sales funnel. With Executive FMO’s expertise, you can take control of your lead generation and media costs. We are here to help you sell more policies! 

LeadStar Marketplace

LeadStar Marketplace is an innovative, self-service platform allowing agents and agencies to readily access Medicare and Final Expense leads. From on-demand warm transfers to data leads, LeadStar Marketplace offers scalable solutions to meet your needs.

Warm Transfers On-Demand

Harness high, quality, on-demand warm transfers for Medicare and Final Expense lead


Leads are verified and TCPA- and CMS-compliant

No Limits

With no concurrence cap, you can accept volumes of calls at your own pace

Creative Work
"The paradigm has shifted - digital marketing and self lead generation are no longer a luxury but a prerequisite for success. With recent and proposed regulatory changes on the horizon, the ability to harness your own leads is an indispensable strategy to safeguard your business's future"

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