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Stable Commission Program

Start Strong, Stay Stable: One Year Commission Advances While Owning your Book of Business

What is the Stable Commission Program?

The Stable Commission Program is ExecutiveFMO's exclusive commission advancing program available to contracted agents. As a national leader in agency building, strategic business planning and agent development, ExecutiveFMO understands how hard it can be to get started especially considering the delayed commission payments in this industry.

How does the Stable Commission Program work?

Typically, agents are paid a pro-rated commission from the insurance carrier or TPA based on the issue date of the policy (excluding policies written during AEP for 1/1 effective dates). For example, a policy effective July 1 would be paid monthly at 6/12 of the annual commission. 

The catalyst program will advance you one (1) full years' worth of commission once the policy issues. This means that you will receive your full 12 month commission paid during the first month immediately!

Will I retain my book of business?


Some FMOs will advance commission but retain the ownership of your policy including its residuals. 

Under the Catalyst program, policy commissions will be advanced one year and will fully vest and contractually transfer to the assignee at the conclusion of one year. This means that you will fully own your policy at the conclusion of one year, forever.

How do I get started?

It is easy to get started, contact us at (727) 580-3513 or

What programs are available to agents?

We offer several programs and plans, explore our pathways here.

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