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Hospital Indemnity

Maximize your book's lifetime value by adding hospital indemnity to your portfolio with exclusive access to UnitedHealthcare's Advantage Guard plan

Why should I offer Hospital Indemnity Plans?

Hospital Indemnity plans can offer competitive complements to Medicare Advantage by mirroring the protection most commonly offered by Medicare Supplement plans. These plans can help address deductibles and copays for inpatient hospital says which are often one of hte most expensive services commonly used by your clients. 

A new froniter with AdvangeGuard

We're excited to offer UnitedHealthcare's AdvantageGuard hospital indemnity plan to help you protect your Medicare Advantage beneficiaries from high hospital costs. 

  • Guaranteed issue for ages 60-74! Available for ages 60-90

  • Customized coverage tailored to suit individual preferences

  • No waiting period for standard benefits

  • Renewable for life as outlined in policy

  • $50,000 lump sum cancer benefit

  • Optum Perks Rx discount card available for up to 80% in discounts

  • Competitive premiums

Are you maximizing your life-time value?
Drip the HIP!


Where is AdvantageGuard offered?

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Ready to get started with AdvantageGuard Hospital Indemnity?

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