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An Introduction to HRAs (Health Risk Assessments) for Medicare Advantage

Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) can be easily overlooked when considering the wide range of tasks and issues facing an independent agent; however, it is critical that you complete these important evaluations. In this article, we'll introduce you to HRAs, the importance of completing HRAs, and the methods of submission.

What are HRAs?

HRAs, also called health assessments, are a voluntary screening conducted by agents following the enrollment of a beneficiary in a Medicare Advantage Plan. These questionnaires involve asking the beneficiary information about their health, functions of daily living, basic demographics and their perception of their health.

What does an HRA do?

HRAs are used by insurance carriers to develop care plans, identify high risk individuals and better coordinate resources and access to care.

These assessments are used in conjunction with other key datapoints to better direct care and resources.

Why should I complete an HRA?

There are numerous benefits:

  • Develops personalized care plans for beneficiaries that are centered around their health needs and personal circumstances

  • Identifies a beneficiary's health status and needs

  • Helps to coordinate care with physician(s)

  • Helps carriers to target certain resources and care to geographic areas

Importantly, submitting an HRA can help to further foster your relationship with the client and reinforce their decision to enroll in a new plan.

As a licensed agent, you will receive payments for eligible HRA submissions. These amounts vary by carrier and application type (e.g. MAPD versus D-SNP). The additional HRA payments can help offset your cost-per-acquisition (CPA), a critical metric to monitor as you build your book.

What are the deadlines for submitting an HRA?

The deadlines for submitting an HRA vary by carrier. Here is an overview of current deadlines:

  • Aetna - 36 hours

  • Anthem - 7 days

  • Cigna - By 12/22/2023

  • Devoted - 5 days

  • Freedom & Optimum - 7 days

  • Humana - 30 days

  • UnitedHealthcare - 3 days

  • Wellcare - 2 days

How do I submit an HRA?

We recommend that you submit your HRA immediately following enrollment in a plan. While the format and length of the HRA varies by carrier, they are fairly short and straightforward. The completion of an HRA will take approximately 5-10 additional minutes and can be an important wrap-up to your meeting.

How to submit a HRA in SunFire

If you are submitting your enrollment in SunFire, you will be prompted on the confirmation page to complete the HRA.

If you submitted your enrollment in SunFire but did not complete the HRA, you can submit via the carrier portals using the steps below.

If you are submitting your enrollment in a carrier portal, you can submit directly on that carrier's website.

How to submit a HRA for UnitedHealthcare:

  1. Submit your application in Jarvis>LEAN

  2. Once you have submitted your application, you will be prompted to complete your HRA by clicking "Start HA" at the bottom.

You can re-open a submitted application in LEAN to access the HRA.

Important: You only have three (3) days to submit your HRA.

How to submit a HRA for Humana:

  1. Login to Vantage

  2. Under the Quote & Enroll column, click Health Risk Assessment.

  3. A new window will open. Click Start HRA. You will be prompted to re-enter beneficiary information before starting the questionnaire.

How to submit a HRA for Aetna:

  1. Once you have submitted an application in Aetna's Think Agent, you will be prompted to start and submit an HRA.

Important: HRAs must be submitted within one hour. If you close the post-submission window, you will be unable to submit the HRA.

You will have 36 hours to submit an HRA.

How to submit a HRA for Anthem:

  1. Login to Anthem's mProducer.

  2. Once you have submitted an application, you will be prompted to start and submit an HRA.

You will have 7 days to submit an HRA.

How to submit a HRA for Cigna:

  1. Once you have submitted an application, you can access the HRA in ICARIO at

Important: You will need to complete the HRA training module first in Cigna's Producer University under "My Learnings." This is a one-time training required for you to obtain access to ICARIO.

For this AEP (plan year 2024), you will need to submit your HRA by 12/22/2023.

How to submit a HRA for Devoted:

  1. HRAs are completed in Devoted's Agent Portal.

You will have five (5) days to submit an HRA to Devoted.

How to submit a HRA for WellCare:

  1. Once you have submitted your application, you will be prompted to submit your HRA.

You will have two (2) calendar days to submit your HRA.


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